We're continuing our online Teacher Training adventures in this new year! Starting every other Friday evening, with Robert zooming into your living room. From Houston, Texas, he’ll be answering your questions, guiding you in meditation and pranayama and - just like when he’s physically in the studio with us - he’ll be teaching Pralaya yoga in his characteristic non-linear style. 

Robert has been practicing yoga for over 60 years, 50 of which he’s been teaching as well. His experience and knowledge are unprecedented and have led to the development of his own Pralaya yoga. This style focusses on the best alignment for your body in all postures; from an energetic, anatomical ánd therapeutic point of view. 

These Friday nights are packed with information and energy. Robert is capable of sensing ‘the room’ for what is needed and adapting his practice and teachings as follows. Connection and growth. Spiritually and physically.  Centered around the principle of Satsang: being with the truth. 

Support is the key word to describe the upcoming Teacher Training weekend with Dorinda on 23 & 24 January. The fact that it’s online is even more powerful! No matter from where you’re joining, Dorinda will be right there, in your home, guiding you and cheering you on. This weekend’s topics will be:

  • Meridians (sat morning)

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (sat afternoon)

  • Sungreetings (sun morning)

  • Common injuries (sun afternoon)

For more detailed information on these topics, take a peak at our NEWSFEED on the upcoming Teacher Training moments!


Let Dorinda support you on your journey, wherever that might be for you! Both the Meridian Flow & explanation as well as the Sungreeting flow & theory are available as a workshop if you’re not able to join for the whole day. Signing up can be done through our EverSports system. Hope to see you on Zoom on 23 & 24 January!


Welcome! We're excited that you found us. And that you're interested in yoga. 

In this clip, Dorinda talks about what yoga can do for you. Would you like to hear more? Then the introduction class is just what you need. In this class you'll hear more about yoga and the types of classes we offer. You'll also get to experience what yoga can do in your body.

Introduction classes will be planned in again at the start of next year!


Would you rather jump right into a class? Then you can attend a trial class. This means booking a spot in a regular yoga class. We advise starting with a Yoga Flow or Easy Flow Yoga class. And important information: you can attend an introduction class or trial class for free! Whether it's online or in our studio.

Would you like more information? Don't hesitate to send us a message! Would you like to sign up for either an introduction or trial class? You can do that here.



By practicing yoga poses we are able to clear the stuck physical areas, which then gives us mental clarity as well.  It becomes easier to focus, to concentrate and to make efficient effective choices.


The poses and breath help you to experience first hand, in your own body, how to start to bring balance into your life. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Using the body to help break through any stuck stiff area’s that are holding stress and or creating pain. These stuck areas are a distraction which slow us down and keep us from being the best that we can be.

Why you would like to start taking yoga classes is different for everyone. And that's just how it's supposed to be! It's all about you and feeling like the best version of yourself. Sometimes this happens by slowing down and taking more relaxed classes. Other times you need some fire to turn inward. Everything is okay. It's about connection. With yourself. Your body, mind and soul.


Introduction class


Here you will find an overview of all of the classes we offer with a short explanation about them. Would you like to know more? Take a look at our Classes-page

We teach based on the principles of Pralaya Yoga. This type of yoga was created by Robert Boustany, and it's based on the idea that balancing your joints will create an optimal flow of energy through your body. This balance can be created by combining two elements, which are releasing connective tissue and strengthening weak muscles. For example: when your hamstring (muscle in the back of the upper leg) is tight, most types of yoga will focus on stretching this muscle. In Pralaya Yoga we believe that it's better to strengthen quadriceps (muscle in the front of the upper leg), so that the hamstring is given more space to relax and will automatically become less tight. This tactic can be used anywhere in the body.

All of our teachers teach based on the core values of Pralaya Yoga. Would you like to know more about this type of yoga? Join our specific Pralaya yoga class. Also, at the time Robert Boustany is teaching his Pralaya yoga training every Friday evening from 19u00 to 21u00 online. You can attend this training as a workshop as well. 


Private classes




Teacher Training


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