This 500 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training is taught by Robert Boustany. When you've finished the 200 hour TT, this 500 hour training (or actually the remaining 300 hours to complete your 500 hours) is the place to be! Both the 200 as well as the 500 hour certificates can be registered at Yoga Alliance (www.yogaalliance.org).

Participants need to be present a total of 27 days to receive a certificate. It's a flexible system, so you can start any time you'd like. You're also not required to attend every single day. You can decide per weekend and even per day which days you'd like to be there. ​You'll also only pay for the days you actually attended. 


The 500 hour training dives deeper into the therapeutic side of yoga, as well as energetics.


Information about costs can be found here. There are no other specific admission requirements and it's also possible to attend single days without working towards receiving a 500 hour certificate.


Robert comes to the Netherlands about 3 times a year, and always teaches 4 days of 500 hour Teacher Training in a row. Because he works very intuitively, there's no specific schedule apart from times he starts and finishes the day. He will make sure the required Yoga Alliance topics are addressed (such as anatomy, asana practice, philosophy). You can view the reading list here.

This training is taught in English. Watch this clip to find out why we provide this training. 

Online TeacherTraining

At this moment Robert Boustany teaches a 2 hour online TeacherTraining twice a month at Friday evenings from  19u00 to 21u00. This TeacherTraining is suitable for both 200 hour as well as the 500 hour training. 


Thursday 17 of December 2020

Friday 18 December 2020

Saturday 19 of December 2020

Sunday 20 of December 2020

NB These dates are planned hoping that Robert will be able to fly over and won't be stuck in the USA due to Corona. 


The price for this training is  € 150,00 per day in the studio.

Paying the whole training (27 days) at the start, you get a reduction of 10% and you pay € 3.645,00.

During lunch, we'll provide a vegan soup. This is included in the price, as well as complementary tea and water during Teacher Training days.

Online TT - 1 session     €  40,00 

Online TT - 4 session   € 150,00

Only upon purchase of 4 sessions at once the online TT-sessions count as one day for your certificate. 
One single session is seen as a workshop and does not count for your certificate. 

Newsletter TeacherTraining

On regular basis we send a mail to inform about the TeacherTrainings. Do you want to receive these mails?


Do you want to register for days of Teacher Training? Please do so below. Find the correct date in the schedule and register for the desired date. Because we work with a flexible system, you have to register for every specific day.  This is possible until at least 2 days before the first day of the TeacherTrainingsweekend. 

If you would like to receive a company invoice, please send your company details to us. Then we will make a company account in EverSports for you. 

Missing something on this page? Or do you have questions about the information you just read? Please contact us at info@yogasite.nl or 06-20013848.


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