IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a translation of the Dutch ALGEMENE VOORWAARDEN of YOGASITE, BREDA. The original document is in Dutch. Should any conflict arise between the Dutch version and the English version of this document, the Dutch version is leading.


Article 1. The agreement
1.1 The agreement is being made by registering and signing in through EverSports app.
1.2 Every participant is obliged to immediately inform the Yoga teacher about physical or psychological problems. Yogasite can never be held responsible in case of injury during or after the Yoga class. Yogasite reserves the right to refuse a participant or to deny them the class or workshop. If the participant still joins, this is completely at their own risk. When you have any doubts about physical or psychological problems, please always contact your general practitioner.
1.3 Participating in one of the classes means that you agree with Yogasite's Terms & Conditions.


Article 2. Payment and membership
2.1 The tuition fees are the amounts as mentioned on the website of Yogasite.
2.2 The amount due will be transferred by direct debit payment to TRIODOS bank account number NL 77 TRIO 0320073238 in name of Yogasite B.V. A bank transfer or payment by card or cash in the studio is also possible. In this case, the amount due has to be payed before participating in a class or workshop.
2.3 When the payment is not received on time, Yogasite preserves the right to claim the collection costs on your account. Because of this, Yogasite reserves the right to refuse a participant or to deny the class or workshop.
2.4 Yogasite preserves the right to change the fees. Yogasite is committed to inform its members on time about payment alterations. At all times, a member can terminate the agreement in case he/she does not agree with the change.
2.5 In case a member reserves a set class in advance through the online reservation system, there is guaranteed availability. Those who prefer flexible times and thus not reserve a set class, do not have this guarantee.
2.6 In case you cannot make it to a class, you can catch up on this class at any other moment within 6 months of the activation date of the class . In case it concerns a reserved class, please cancel this class on time and reserve a new one through the EverSports app. We cannot provide any refund for expired classes.
2.7 Holidays: during holidays (Easter, Kings day, Ascesion Days, Pentecost, Christmas and New Year’s Day) no classes are given. During school holidays there is an adjusted schedule. This schedule and possible deviations will be mentioned on www.yogasite.nl.
2.8 The membership can be terminated at any time, there is no notice period. Termination has to be done in written form.


Article 3. Cancellation by Yogasite
3.1 Yogasite reserves the right to change or cancel a class or workshop without further reasoning. In case a workshop is cancelled, a full refund of the costs will be issued. In case a class is being cancelled, a member can catch up on this class at any other moment. There is no refund option for cancelled classes.


Article 4. Changes
4.1 Yogasite reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions, class schedule, location and prices at any time.


Article 5. Own risk and liability
5.1 In case Yogasite might be liable, this liability is limited to what has been arranged in these terms & conditions.
5.2 Yogasite is only responsible for direct damage with a maximum of € 1.250.000 per damage case.
5.3 Direct damage is explained as:

  • The reasonable costs for determining the cause of the injuries and extent of the damage, as far as the determination relates to the damage within the meaning of these terms & conditions;

  • The possible reasonable costs made to let Yogasite's possible failed performance be proven to the agreement, for as much this can be part of the user's responsibility.

  • Reasonable costs, made to avoid or limit damage, as long as the other party can prove that these costs led to limiting direct damage as meant in these Terms & Conditions.

5.4 Yogasite is never responsible for indirect damage.
5.5 If applicable, the responsibility of Yogasite is in any case limited to the amount of dividend of their insurance.
5.6 The written restrictions on liability in this article are not valid in case damage is caused by intent or gross liability of Yogasite, its managers or subordinates.


Article 6. Applicability and disputes
6.1 These Terms & Conditions are applicable to all agreements with Yogasite concerning participation in classes or workshops or orders to organise courses, trainings and other forms of education or advise in its broadest sense in the available spaces.
6.2 Deviations of this agreement are only binding in case they have been confirmed in writing by Yogasite.
6.3 Disputes resulting from the agreement to which these Terms & Conditions apply, will be subject to an authorised judge in the city or area around Yogasite, except for appeal.


Article 7. Privacy
7.1 Yogasite processes the personal details of a member within the framework of the applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal ambiance, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act, in a way and for the purpose we further specify below. More information about privacy can be found in our Privacy Statement on our website.
7.2 Yogasite processes personal data for the following purposes: invoicing, debtor administration, complaint management & dispute settlement, information to the employer of the member about the use of the membership, prevention, tracing & fight of fraud & irregularities, for field research and commercial purposes such as sales activities related to services of Yogasite and/or services of third parties in relation to the services of Yogasite.
7.3 A member has the right to insight, correction & resistance of his/her personal data used by Yogasite. Yogasite reserves to right to pass the costs for looking into and/or processing corrections or acts of resistance to the member with a maximum by law. For an objection against processing of his/her personal data and request of insight, correction and/or resistance, the member can address Yogasite.