My name is Annette Heynderickx, born in Antwerp (BE). I'm married, a mother of 4 grown children and grandmother to 8 grandchildren. Biodanza has caught my interest because of the simple movements done to music, and the peace, space and harmony it brings. Dancing brings us into the here and now, and has a simple way of opening up lost spaces in our bodies and fills them again.

Biodanza came into my life by accident in 2000 and has a growing significance to me. The interest comes from the simple movements done to music. Dancing in a group results in fast and surprising changes in the lives of the participants. 
For myself, the best way to describe it is: "Dancing to life brought me close to my essential joy and happiness. It increased my confidence and reduced stress. I was able to engage in sincere relationships and connections, got to experience my own body and was able to enjoy every moment. It taught me to express how i feel and who i am in a very simple way. It became my life compass, taking control of my own life.

Biodanza is a combination of arts, science and love. This kind of dance allows you to integrate body and soul perfectly. It increases happiness, tenderness and strength in each and every one of us. 

"Biodanza is not a mere set of exercises to music or a conventional system of emotional expression, but rather a new vision of life, a process of human development, identity integration, inner transformation, and of developing our human potentials. Biodanza is about learning to ‘dance life’ and rediscover the ‘pleasure of living’." – Rolando Toro