Aruna Yoga is a healing practice that awakens us to our true nature. Within this space, healing, transformation, freedom and peace is available to us all, reminding us that everything is connected. We must live, act and breathe with awareness.

Aruna Yoga draws from multiple yogic forms and philosophy, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini, as well as spiritual traditions, such as meditation, Kabbalah, energy healing and theological philosophy.

Aruna Yoga teaches how to welcome the present moment and suspend judgment so we can still the mind and practice presence using the body, mind and emotions as a way to cultivate inner connection.

The Aruna Life Program is a continuity program designed to bring the tools of Aruna Yoga into the daily application to your life as it is right now.


Aruna Life may be for you if you:

  • Are called to learn more about yoga

  • Because to deepen your connection with yourself

  • Recognize how Yoga has helped improve your health, emotional state and life in general

  • Want to learn different healing practices

  • Are looking to deepen your yoga knowledge

  • Are inspired to apply yoga to daily life

  • Want to go deeper and study for yourself or to help those around you


What you can expect from the Aruna Life Training:

You will ..

  • learn all about yoga;

  • develop a practice of Self inquiry;

  • learn how to apply the practices of yoga to your body, your emotional states and your life as it unfolds;

  • develop a personal practice of yoga

  • integrate self inquiry and awareness into all aspects of your life

  • shift your perspectives on reality

  • learn to befriend your emotions and learn how to pass through difficult moments gracefully

  • learn how to release blocked emotions and release tension and trauma stored in the body

  • become connected to the wisdom of the body and how to be guided by it

  • learn yoga philosophy

  • learn Kabbalistic tools to apply easily to your life

  • understand and apply yoga poses (āsana)

  • learn various breathing techniques and how to use them as well as their contraindications

  • learn how to use yogic seals (mudrās) for health and well being

  • learn various concentration and meditation techniques

  • be given countless practices of yoga easy to use and share with others

  • learn how to activate the innate healing capacity of the body

  • develop your healing skills

  • become the highest version of yourself

  • develop skills for vision questing and intention development

  • Aruna Integration including Aruna Art Process work and Journaling


Aruna Life Hours

You will need to attend the following elements of this training in order to complete the Aruna Life Program:

  • Monthly Sunday Online Immersion: 5 hours p / d (6 including lunch): 18 days x 5 hours = 90 hours live online

  • ARUNA LIFE: + - 90 hours Online pre-recorded content

  • Aruna Classes: 248.4 hours Live Online Classes

Total hours: 428.4 hours over 18 months from starting date.


You will not be eligible to obtain a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification with this program, although the hours may be used for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.


Payment Options

Total Value for Aruna Life Content and hours for 18 months: € 3,510
Committed prepayment for Aruna Life: € 2,975,-


Monthly payment plans are available. You can request a monthly set-up when you sign up.

Cancellation is possible on one month's written notice.
On cancellation there is a 10% penalty on the amount paid to date of cancellation - you pay the difference as if you had paid per month.)

Registration is open! Click the button below to send us an e-mail requesting your participation in this program.