During the Aruna Yoga Teacher Training days, Nicki & Dorinda will open up the morning part of the day as a workshop. This will be a physical practice of Aruna Yoga, designed to lift your veils and discover your true self. 

Aruna yoga is a yoga practice which encompasses all forms of yoga, including hatha, vinyasa and Kundalini inspired practices and technologies. It is a practice based on being present on all levels: to what is here and to be still with what arises. No matter what that is. It teaches to welcome the present moment and suspend judgment. It offers a way of stilling the fluctuation of the mind through becoming a witness or observer.


There is no need to be flexible or even physically able to practice to do Aruna Yoga. Its aim is to open up to emotional blocks that are released using the technology of the various lineages of yoga, pranayama and meditation. Of course if practiced vigilantly it has a strong physical asana (posture) practice with a palpable flavour of Kundalini Yoga. Yet it is a bodiless yoga too and even just being present in sessions, without participating in the physical activity will open you up to its healing capacity.


Aruna Yoga is a healing practice which aim is to awaken the practitioner to their true nature, to the freedom, peace and truth that is within us all! From this space of the Infinite Self, all healing, transformation and awakening is available. The practice cultivates this inner connection. Music, sound, emotional catharsis are part of its characteristics. We use yoga asana (posture), pranayama (breathing exercises), concentration and meditation to still the mind. We interweave the singular enquiry of ‘Who am I?’ to dissolve identification and separation from our true nature as freedom. In answering the question of self enquiry we self realise the state of sat nam.


The workshop will start with a silent meditation from 8u45 until 9u00. From 9u00 to 11u30 the workshop will take place. This workshop will be taught in English.


thu 26 - fr 27 - sat 28 - sun 29 mar 2020 | 8u45 - 11u30

thu 4 - fr 5 - sat 6 - sun 7 jun 2020 | 8u45 - 11u30

thu 10 - fr 11 - sat 12 - sun 13 sep 2020 | 8u45 - 11u30

thu 19 nov 2020 | 8u45 - 11u30


Nicki Forman & Dorinda Farver


55 euros


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