The stream runs freely, without effort. In time, obstacles can limit the stream. This can also be the case for our personal energy, caused by stress or (nutritional) habits that don't fit us.

"Cleaning up is clearing out. I invite you to experience this with internal cleansing".

Internal cleansing

This is my passion. When i was working at a spa, i've seen and experienced the benefits and results that can come out of it. You're giving your body the oppertunity to release stored toxins and tension. After a cleansing treatment, you'll feel more relaxed, cleaned out and energetic. The beautiful thing is that you can experience this on every level; physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. 

Restoring the flow of energy

Pollution, dehydration, lack of oxygen and cramping, can all lead to energy not being able to run through your body as it should. You can develop all kinds of physical ailments. It's all about tracking and clearing whatever is causing these energy blockages. With a little help from the cleansing treatments, your natural flow can be restored. Your body is your best friend and is worth caring for.

Supporting self-healing abilities

My treatments originate in nature and support the self-healing capacity of the human body. They improve the cooperation between body and mind. Treatments can be given in and of themselves, or combined. Reflexzone therapy can be a part of all treatments. I focus with detail on breathing, use of voice and the belly; especially the large intestine.

Healthy bowels for vitality

Vitality starts with healthy guts. Our bowels work directly with the brain, and are also known as the second brain. That explains why you can feel more relaxed and cleaned up in your head after a cleansing treatment. 

"Maintenance in internal cleansing will guide you towards your personal recipe for well-being".