Fundamentals workshops with Bart

“We are often looking to open up and move our body more freely. In order to do that, you have to know what you are doing.” - Bart


That is why Bart offers a 3-part Fundamentals workshop. Forward bends, back bends and twists are analyzed by him so that you can apply these postures to your body. Tips, tricks, but especially foundations on which you can further expand your practice. Curious?


Introduction course with Ellen

In this 3-week Yoga Introduction course, you will learn the most important basic principles of yoga. You will discover what yoga can do for you: more rest & relaxation, faster recovery, feeling better in your own skin, a more conscious life...

Chakra course with Karimu

A 7-week course. Every week a specific Chakra is put in the limelight. At the end of the course you will know how to use your personal practice to tackle blockages in the energy flow. You know what to do to give your body the care it needs.