Yoga teaches me to make my own choices. And to take responsibility for them. That's what i like to transfer to others. With fun, with humour. Softness and strength combined.

Every time i step on the mat and come back 'off' again, i'm happier, more energetic. I feel stronger. Also, or maybe mostly, when i step back into my daily life. Which in my opinion is what it's all about. The safe place and the practice on the mat make me more resilient, which i can take with me wherever i go. 


Physically and mentally a lot of things shift. First my body becomes quieter. There's more space. Then my mind. I believe in that order: working on your physical body, feeling, making it stronger and more flexible. Whatever goes on in your mind shows up in your body.

I finished the 200 hour Teacher Training with Robert Boustany and Dorinda Farver, as well as the 500 hour TT with Robert. I love Pralaya yoga; making weak muscles stronger. It causes your body (and mind) to open up.


People describe me as someone with spirit, humour, positive energy and a nice voice. A good balance between yin and yang is feedback i receive on a regular basis. Someone that will teach you to discover your physical and mental possibilities, which are endless. But also, very important, to help you discover your boundaries.


Let's get stronger. Let's yoga.