Naturopathic practice, specialising in orthomolecular medicine, bowel therapy, orthomolecular child therapy and personal experience in bariatric surgery.

Orthomolecular medicine searches for the root causes of physical ailments. In this search, i look at your eating pattern, lifestyle, overall health, past diseases and sometimes by requesting additional lab work.

Bowel therapy is part of orthomolecular medicine. With bowel therapy, we look at the overall health of your intestinal health. The bowels are so much more than just a part of the digestive system.

As a child's counsellor i'm there to help you and your child with any complaints that can be tied to your child's eating pattern and lifestyle. I can also guide you through a healthy pregnancy, and help you with giving your unborn child the best start possible. 

Praktijk Goed Buikgevoel is there for everyone (big and small) with all ailments relating to your digestive system, allergies, skin issues, complaints after bariatric surgery, lessened energy or if you have any questions about your health or use of supplements.

Are you interested in how i can help you and/or your child? Please contact me!