I first set foot into the studio in 2016. Not knowing that this step would change my life completely. I've gone through some massive changes and struggles. Quit my job and went down a road of challenges. I got to know myself better and dove deeper into myself. 

It's been an incredible journey. From taking yoga classes every day, spending a lot of time in the studio, surrounded by all of the amazing people that work there. To starting the Teacher Training, being supported by acupuncture and following a journey of self-development. One big happy family that has taken me under their wings without judgement and that has helped me grow, however chaotic or beautiful it was.


In 2018 i fell off my bike and broke my foot. Surgery was needed to put pins and plates in my foot, as well as a cast that i got to wear for 7  months. From the moment the cast was taken off and the pins and plates were taken out, i got to start rehabilitation. 
During that process, i needed to let everything go and completely focus on getting better. It was the biggest challenge i've ever had to face. To become quiet, let go, turn inwards and feel what i really needed. What was my body trying to tell me?
By being forced to come to a complete stand still, i found out where my strengths lie. What i'm passionate about. I've realised that i have everything i need to be happy inside of me. I only have to find the stillness and feel what's there.


In this period, i haven't been able to attend a lot of yoga classes, but i've been able to apply everything i learned on the mat, off the mat. I come to Yogasite a few times a week, for physical therapy, acupuncture or just to hang out, meditate or drink some tea. Yogasite for me is coming home. Being surrounded by people with the same energy, not being judged for whatever is going on in your life.


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