In this 5-week Yoga Introduction course, you will learn the most important basic principles of yoga. You will discover what yoga can do for you: give you more rest & relaxation, faster recovery, feeling better in your own skin, a more conscious life...

If you are not yet familiar with yoga, it can be quite difficult to follow all the directions properly and you may also run into limitations in your body. You often doubt whether you are doing it right.

At Yogasite we think it is very important to give you a good Yoga start. So that you can really experience the positive effects of yoga. So you better understand why we do what we do in yoga. And so that you know what to look out for in the event of physical complaints or limitations.

In this Yoga Introduction course we take extensive time to explain and practice a number of basic elements that you encounter in a yoga class. For example:

- how can I sit upright without experiencing pain?

- which options can I choose if a posture still does not work?

- how do I breathe properly?

- how do I deal with being distracted during the final relaxation or meditation?

Each week we cover a number of themes:

Week 1: Sitting up straight without straining

Week 2: Sungreeting & options

Week 3: Pranayama: basic principles of the yogic breath

Week 4: Asanas: frequently done postures (and struggles)

Week 5: Savasana (final relaxation) and meditation


The course lasts 5 weeks and you follow it as a whole, so that you have a solid foundation to further immerse yourself in yoga. The course is open to any aspiring or beginning yogi.


Tuesday 19 & 26 October, Tuesday 2,9 & 16 November


9u30 - 11u00


Bianca Schutjes


€ 75,-

IMPORTANT: Can't make it on the planned in dates? Please contact us so that we can see if you can join a separate introduction class or the next series of this introduction course.