Cranial sacral therapy is a very soft and deeply healing body treatment, which makes it suitable for everyone, including babies and small children. You can keep your clothes on, while the technique invites the body and central nervous system to release tention and blockages.

It can be suitable for pain and stress related complaints on a physical, emotional and mental level, as well as guidance during pregnancy, birth, growing up, processing trauma, recovery after an accident or operation, dying and grief.

I work from a holistic view on complaints, where body and mind are seen as a unity. The body is the place where all changes manifest, reflect and project. On a physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual level. Treatment is always focussed on the entire entity. Sickness, pain and discomfort can be seen as signals asking for attention, and the (adult) client is invited to turn inwards and become aware. An important aspect is that the client will receive insight into what's going on within themselves. Besides awareness and insight, there are two more essential elements in developing the self, which are (renewed) autonomy and acceptance. Also, the physical part of the treatment will stimulate the self-healing ability of the body and it will restore natural balance. That will in itself influence patterns of thought, behaviour and emotions. 

Through the space and deep relaxation that will take place, the self-healing capacity of the body can do it's work as best as possible. A lot of complaints will improve or disappear, because the ideal conditions for healing, like a good circulation of blood and energy.


About me:

Since i can remember, i've been interested in body, mind & spirit. In everything that has to do with consciousness and being human. A lot of returning life questions resulted in a personal search, development and continuous growth. 

In 2002 i started my own (massage) practice Heelsaam, that grew through holistic (massage & cranial sacral)therapy to a practice focussing solely on cranial sacral therapy.



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