In 'Kind to your body', you learn how pain and stress originate in your body and how you can get rid of your chronic pain and tension complaints. And you even learn how to ensure that you do not build up tension again. In short, do you suffer from complaints such as neck and shoulder pain, are you often and quickly tired of headaches or other stress symptoms? Then this workshop is for you.


In the 4 different workshops you will learn:

- How to de-stress your body.

- Understand the signals from your body and the message

- Get out of your survival mode

- Create and maintain tranquility and relaxation

The workshops can be followed as a whole or independently. If you register for the 4 workshops as a whole, you will have access to the online material and exercises at the start of the workshop.


Bring your own:

- Writing and writing materials.

- Material such as a mat-blocks-bolster blankets are made available by Steffie Lilian, but if you are in possession of it, it is recommended that you bring your own.


The workshop is given in Dutch.



wed 11 nov 2020 | 19u30 - 21u30

wed 9 dec 2020 | 19u30 - 21u30

wed 20 jan 2021 | 19u30 - 21u30

wed 10 feb 2021 | 19u30 - 21u30


Steffie Lilian Gelissen


€ 25,- euros per workshop

€ 80,- euros for all workshops together, including Online access to material and exercises.

Listen to a 'Kind to your body' meditation.