'Lu' means body and 'Jong' means change or transformation. Lu Jong is rooted in Tantrayana Buddhism and Tibetan medicine and originated about 7,000 years ago. The Buddhist teacher Tulku Lobsang introduced Lu Jong to the West. While living in India, he saw how much good it would do the Western people. We often sit, and more importantly in the same position, in front of our laptop or TV. We experience stress and often have our attention in the past or the future…


How does it work?

With Lu Jong, you learn to focus attention inwards. You feel what the exercises do for you and you experience the signals from within. You charge yourself. You take good care of your spine; your energy box, which is so important for your sense of well-being. While performing the exercises, you concentrate, bringing yourself into the present moment. Your mind becomes calmer and you feel happy. You are living from your heart.

During an exercise, you combine the position of your body, your breathing and the movement, applying gentle pressure to specific places in your body. Then you take that pressure off. A kind of massage. You usually do that 7 times. This is followed by a special breathing, which also relaxes you and releases any blocked energy.



Lu Jong works with the subtle body. This body contains channels, energy and essence (including hormones). When blockages occur in the channels, the nutrients, energy and blood no longer circulate as they should. The result is imbalance. Negative emotions arise, your energy decreases and you think less clearly. Keeping your subtle body healthy is therefore very important! Practicing Lu Jong can help you with that.

Everything consists of the 5 elements, space, earth, wind, fire and water. You can see these in nature, in your body and in your mind. When these elements are in balance, you feel energized and happy.

Workshop content

Lu Jong is for everyone. Young and old. Flexible and a little less flexible.

During the workshops you will hear more about the origin of Lu Jong, Tibetan Buddhism, Tulku Lobsang and Tibetan medicine. You learn all the exercises, receive a handout that you can use at home, and… you are introduced to Kum Nye, a gentle massage which is done with clothes on. You learn to give and receive.


Laura met Tulku Lobsang for the first time in 2014. She has been following him ever since, he is her great teacher. She participates in his teachings as often as she can, recently mostly online. She was immediately so enthusiastic about Lu Jong that she started teacher training. She obtained her diploma in 2015 and since then she teaches Lu Jong every week. She also regularly organizes workshops.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity! If you can only join once, no problem, you are always welcome.

If you can't contain your curiosity, take a look at the site of Nangten Menlang, the foundation that Tulku Lobsang created to spread Tibetan culture and medicine:


Tuesday 14, Tuesday 21 & Tuesday 28 September 2021

Time :   

19:00 - 20:30 p.m.

Teacher :

Laura Verstraaten

Cost :

Total package 3 workshops for members: € 60,-

Total package 3 workshops for non-members: € 75,-

Single workshops for members: € 22,50

Single workshops for non-members: € 27,50