We recommend everyone who is new to Yogasite (without or with yoga experience) to start with a general introduction class. This class covers the basics for all styles of yoga that we offer. You will receive an explanation about the breathing that we use in Yoga, the sun salutations, most important postures and what to watch out for, the purpose of yoga and the different styles that we offer. A perfect class to start with.

Can't make it to an introduction class? Or would you rather start sooner? Then of course you can also enroll in one of the regular classes. In this case, we recommend starting with an EasyFlow class (physical calmer) or a Yoga Flow class (physically more challenging).

In addition, we offer an introduction course in which you go deeper into the basic postures, breathing and other fun facts in three weeks, so that you can participate in the regular classes with confidence.

For your first class there are yoga mats and yoga blocks to borrow in the studio. There is also sufficient cleaning agent to clean these mats and blocks after class. Bring your own blanket or towel and possibly a yoga cushion if you have one. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that you can move in easily.

An introduction class or trial class can be followed for free with us. Fill out your contact details through the button below and we'll contact you soon.

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