Online classes. Getting used to it. Different. Pro's and con's.


Even though we most certainly prefer seeing you in person in the studio; we truly are happy being able to offer our classes through Zoom as well. Because ultimately, what's most important is that you can keep taking classes, that you can keep moving ánd that you can keep giving yourself personal time to stay healthy, physically and mentally. 

When you take an online class, it can and probably will feel different as opposed to visiting the studio. That's why we have this page for you; for practical and energetic tips you can use to create the best class for you. 



  • Our online classes are available through Zoom. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Zoom-app on the device you'd like to use for the online class.

  • A quiet space is needed, so you can really take time for yourself during the class. Arrange the space you're using in a way that feels most relaxed to you. Light a candle or incense or make sure there's ambient lighting instead of a fluorescent tube. ;) Also, make sure you don't have any 'chores' around. So get rid of the laundry basket and make sure all of the work folders have left your desk when you roll out your mat.

  • Make it a ritual to prepare the space for your class and for your me-time.

  • Make sure you have a clear view of the screen when you'r on your mat and that the camera has a good view of you.

  • In a lot of classes, we use yoga blocks. It can come in handy to have one or two ready beside your mat (tip: they're for sale at Yogasite, alongside some really nice mats!). A blanket or something else that will keep you warm during relaxation can also come in handy. 

  • Do you love the addition of music during a class? Make sure you have a tune ready to go before you 'enter' the class.


Logging in

You can sign up and check in through the EverSports app, if and when you are using your phone for the streaming. Even though we don't advise doing this since your phone isn't ideal for viewing the class or the teacher seeing you. A laptop or bigger tablet is advised. In this case, signing up can be done through the EVERSPORTS website. Check out the EVERSPORTS FAQ if you're not really sure how it works.

Once you sign up, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail containing the link to your booking. We recommend clicking that link about 15 minutes before the class starts. After doing that, you can click 'go to live stream'. Because, this link becomes active for check in about 15 minutes before a class starts. Clicking the link gives you direct access to Zoom. Pleas 'mute' yourself and turn your camera on when you go online. This way, the teacher can see you but not hear you. 


During class

During class, the teacher will divide his or her attention between the participants in the studio and the online participants as much as possible. In a number of classes, the teacher can use a projection screen to observe the online participants even better. In these classes, giving verbal adjustments is a little bit easier to do. Do you have a question or request for the teacher, please let them know by using the chat function, or by 'unmuting' yourself temporarily. 

Once the class is over, the Zoom meeting is ended. If you have any questions or remarks regarding the class, you can always send us a message at, regarding: Online Class *time and date*. We'll make sure your message will reach the teacher. 

On this page, you'll find some online classes which we recorded for you during the first lockdown. You can play these classes over and over, even if you are not a Yogasite member!