Are you in need of peace and quiet in your mind? Would you like to use meditation for anxiety and/or stress related issues? Or are you curious about the deeper layers of meditation: a deep sense of serenity, of stillness inside yourself or experiencing unity?


But you don't know where to begin? Do you keep asking yourself if this is it? If you're doing 'a good job'? Or are you not able to integrate meditation into your life, because you feel like it's not for you? Because it feels like your head is getting more chaotic, as soon as you sit down and close your eyes?

Karimu will take you by the hand in this course to help you create your own meditation practice or to expand the practice you already have. He'll help you to discover what meditation is, and what it isn't.  And how you you can use meditation to suit your personal development and wellbeing. Connected with where you are now. 

This course consists of practical information and exercises you can start using right away. In increasing increments, you'll get used to staying in meditation for longer periods of time. You'll learn a Heartbeat meditation, and a Brainwave meditation among other things. Besides meditating together, you'll also learn which simple movements and breathing exercises can be used to prepare yourself for meditation. 

Karimu will help you discover how you can best sculpt your personal practice from your own personal viewing point. 


We're right in the middle of the first course. Send us an e-mail if you're interested, so we can keep you posted on dates for the next course! 


Karimu Corbeek


€ 97,00 for members | € 117,00 for non-members

There's space for 9 participants.