Dorinda started teaching yoga in the late 90's with a few small groups and a rented studio space in Breda. Her enthusiasm kept growing and so did her class sizes. The name and the logo soon followed with the first website to make it official. 


From the beginning there was a vision. A knowing that there would be a building, a safe space, where people would come and share. But with growth comes many changes and challenges, frustrated sometimes with being made to wait...but still with a knowing that she could not stop or give up. She also knew that she was not alone in this mission. That there were others who would be involved. And soon after, energetic support showed up in the form of Robert Boustany,  who found her all the way from Houston TX.  Annelies Van Roie soon followed and supported Dorinda and Yogasite behind the scenes which made it possible to grow.. New teachers, new locations, new chances to grow.


She started renting a space in the local community center that we were told would be torn down and was given a short term contract. Which after a lot of blessings eventually turned into a long term plan as we bought the building with the help of crowd funding from our own clients in 2014.  We now have 1300 m2, 3 yoga rooms and 9 therapy rooms with an acupuncturist, physical therapists, massage therapists, coaches and others. A safe place for people to come and heal and connect.


The dream continues to grow, a constant flow, curious where it will take us next.

By practicing yoga and doing the postures, we are enabled to clear blockages in our bodies, giving us mental clarity. It gets easier to focus, to concentrate and to make effective and efficient choices. 

The postures and breathing help you to realise how you can bring balance into your body; physically, mentally and emotionally. You can start breaking through the stuck energy in your body, where you're holding on to stress or pain, by doing physical poses. These blockages are a distraction and slow us down; they keep us from being the best version of ourselves. 

The only place where your intuition works, is in the present moment. Yoga techniques help us to become aware of the here and now, to break through patterns and to stay open to new and creative solutions you can use in your life. By improving focus, observing and being aware in any given situation, you'll be able to reduce stress and find clarity. 

We provide a place where you can turn inside and be yourself.


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Yogasite | Dr. Struyckenstraat 165 | Breda