My name is Pien Romme, a mother of three. Besides teaching yoga to teens, kids and adults, i'm also an artistic, dynamic children's coach for kids that can use some extra support (
My goal is to let people shine again. To give them balance, teaching them how to deal with all of the possibilities in life. It gives me energy when they get to take another step forward, feeling more confident to be themselves. 

Your body is an expression of how you feel inside; it reacts to your emotions and thoughts. Feeling strong or weak, flexible or stiff, sensitive or indifferent. Your body sends out signals all the time, about how you're feeling, how you're handeling your body and how your outlook on life is. Ignoring or suppressing these signals usually doesn't work. Your body will find another weak spot for tention or blockages to crawl to. The crawling indicates it's a slow process. Yoga is a way to rediscover your body language, so that you can reconnect to yourself. Listening to what your body has to say.

Toen ik jaren geleden begon met yoga voelde ik me steeds fijner. Het bewust worden van je lichaam, soepeler en sterker, maar er gebeurde nog iets wonderlijks, ik ontdekte dat er diep in mij een plek is waar er altijd rust is, geen emoties, geen gedachtes, geen problemen maar een intens gevoel van vertrouwen, liefde en oneindig weten. Een plek waar we allemaal naar toe kunnen gaan met onbegrensde mogelijkheden.

When i started practicing yoga years ago, i started feeling better and better. Becoming more aware of your body, more flexible and stronger. But something amazing happened too; i discovered a place within myself where it's always calm. No emotions, no thoughts, no problems. Just an intense feeling of trust, love and infinite knowing. A place we can all visit which has unlimited possibilities.