International yoga teacher and dancer Veda Ela has devoted herself to sharing Yoga which goes beyond the edge of the mat, and improves lives and the world around people. A Yoga that’s more than exercise—it’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a journey of self discovery.

She also has a degree in Philosophy and Literature which actually made her decide not to be a professor but get answers about life from non intellectual resources.

Once back in  Europe, she sought out new and inspiring, western yoga teachers, trainings  and material which she then fused with what she’d learned in India to create something of her own.


Her adventurous spirit eventually took her to Costa Rica 20 years ago, where she helped found an alternative lifestyle community.


Her love for what she does allows her to bring enthusiasm, sincerity, and humor to her classes, workshops and Teacher Trainings. Her vibrant energy is infectious. Those who attend her classes come away with more vitality, curiosity and a greater acceptance for their lives and the yoga practice.

“For me Yoga is a way of Life. We practice on the mat, yet Yoga happens off the mat in daily Life!”, she says.

She also loves music and considers it essential in her daily life and teachings. “Music can change your mood, heal and help transform your life” she says. As a Dj she used to be, music is an inspiring element in her yoga work.

Veda Ela has pioneering Restorative Yoga in Europe. When she developed and introduced her own style did it really start taking off, particularly in her second home, the Netherlands.

Her desire to explore the inner land scape is a fundamental part of what she teaches. This is reflected back in her classes, trainings and workshops, which are as much about Self-enquiry and Self-discovery as about learning the forms and asanas.


She still lives and teaches in today, an Eco Village based on awareness, meditation and care for Mother Earth.

 Every year, she travels to teach in Europe including the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, as well as Argentina. 


Veda Ela has been interviewed by "YOGA MAGAZINE" & dutch magazine: “WELLNESS”and she is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher.


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