When i first came to Yogasite in 2012 for an introduction class, i had no idea i would be teaching there a couple of years later. From the start, yoga felt so good and Yogasite felt so safe!

I completed the 200 hour Teacher Training with Dorinda and Robert in 2016, followed by the 500 hour Teacher Training with Robert and the Restorative Yoga & Meditation Training with Veda Ela. I attended several additional workshops and trainings to deepen my insights, like different workshops with Yogasite, Wim Hof training, herbal medicine, Reiki & Rigpa Tibetan Energetic Healing, Yoga Soma and meditation.

Yoga gives me strength, softness, humor and so much wisdom to experience balance and lightness, in class but also in daily life. Everyone can benefit from that, including me with three adult children and every day chaos. I am never done learning, and that fills me with joy. Having done a Teacher Training, teaching yoga starts to become a natural thing and it benefits all classes i teach, including the ones outside of Yogasite.

You can meet me at the Yogasite desk, where i welcome visitors. And i occasionally teach a yoga class as well. 
My classes are a challenge. To keep moving, laughing, gaining perspective, letting go, meditating, learning and breathing. All at a calm pace and in a relaxed environment.

With a lot of gratitude to my teachers and their teachers. 


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