Throughout the year, we organise inspiring, supportive and fun workshops. When you click one of the workshops below, you'll see the page with more information about that particular workshop. That's where you can also sign up for that particular workshop.

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How to evolve in your Pralaya yoga postures


In this workshop we will discover ways how to deepen Pralaya Postures in order to open your body and by doing so opening your mind. 


Parent-Kid yoga


In this workshop, it's all about quality time with your child. All kids from 5 to 10 years are welcome with a parent, caretaker, grandparent or whichever grown-up is up for an hour of having fun!

Space for yourself


In this dynamic afternoon,  we're creating space! 

Space for ourselves

Space in our head

Space in our body

Space for our voice, the silence, for our heart's desire and our strength! 

But most of all: space for all of you, beautiful human.


Kind to your body


In 'Kind to your body' you'll learn how pain and stress ignite in your body and how you can get rid of chronic pain and tention. And you'll learn how to prevent build up of new tention. 

Masterclass Relaxing in Exciting times


Living and working in a relaxed way. Who doesn't want that? And it can be quite a challenges in these current times. 

How good does a relaxing day for yourself sound?! With a little hint of yoga, and pondering with like-minded individuals about relaxed living and working. 



The art of being still


In this beautiful workshop with Veda Ela you'll receive first-hand experiences on how yoga can really help you to become quiet within yourself.


The practice of compassion


Self enquiry and compassion towards yourself and others is a part of the foundations of yoga. In this workshop you'll use free movement, Restorative and Yin yoga and meditation so you can incorporate it into your daily life.


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