Self-care Sunday: slow down, connect and recharge.


Are you in need of some extra self-care? That much needed me-time, that you usually don’t get, or at least not enough? This Sunday afternoon, Annemarie van Dam will take you on an inner journey. In daily life, you’re usually in a do-mode: thinking about how you’re planning to realise your goals, without feeling what you actually need. Yin Yoga will relax the connective tissue and joints so that tention can be released. To enhance the anti-stress effect, the poses will be supported by the use of essential oils. That way, the physical, mental and emotional effects of the workshop will be reinforced. It helps you to turn your attention inwards, breath deeper and relax more. Real self care!

During this winter workshop, we'll work on postures relating to the water element in the 5-elements, which is connected to kidneys and blatter according to Chinese medicine. The kidneys control bodily fluids, toxins and stuck energy (chi). They make sure processes in the body are re-charged and that energy in our body, mind and spirit starts flowing again.


Yoga teacher and coach Annemarie van Dam teaches at Yogasite among other places, especially teaching the softer types such as Mindful Yoga, Restorative yoga and Yin yoga. She'll emerge you in an extra long yin session, supported by essential oils. Annemarie uses Mindfulness and breathing to observe - without judgement - what happens in your head. If you can experience your monkey mind without panicking, you'll notice that tention in your body will decrease and you'll get softer. 


Yin yoga and essential oils are a good match: two powerhouses at supporting your health. This workshop uses the essential oils from dōTERRA®. At the start of the workshop she’ll explain a little about the therapeutic use of the oils, making them much more than an aromatic in your home. After that, you’ll get to know the different oils with every part of the workshop, from opening meditation, through mindful movements to yin postures. You can do this by smell, putting the oil on your third eye, wrist of neck and - if you want to - by taste. With the last yin session or closing relaxation, you can choose your own blend from the dōTERRA® Yoga Collection.


At the end of this self-care workshop, you’ll go home with a good dose of mental balance, relaxation and new tools to be kind to yourself. You’ll receive tips to continue your self-care practice at home, with yoga and oils. Feel welcome to join, and give yourself some me-time!


sun 2 feb 2020 | 13u30 - 16u00


Annemarie van Dam 


35 euros


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Yogasite | Dr. Struyckenstraat 165 | Breda