Walking is good for your body and your mind. With the limitations we have to move and the screen fatigue that is growing rapidly, the makers of the app Ommetje Lopen have responded well to the need to go outside, stay active and pay attention to your mental and physical health. You can earn medals through the app (hello reward system!) and even become part of a ranking if you walk for at least 20 minutes a day.


During the retreats we organized in the hills near Valencia, walking was a regular part of the week. In nature, sunshine a plenty, consciously take your steps and feel your breath. Being careful not to slide down the hill. ;) Without goals, without judgment, one with the environment. We miss it. So.....


... * drumroll please * ....


WE'RE HOSTING A YOGA WALK! The Valencian hike but wonderfully local in the center of Breda. Thursday morning 13 May (Ascension Day) will now be named Yogasite Yoga Walk morning. Reserve a spot with a friend, or join us solo, and combine a city walk with yoga. You will receive a bottle of water and a piece of fruit from us at the start. At various points during the walk you will stop for a yoga practice under the guidance of our teachers. The walk ends at Coffee Bar SOWIESO where you have the option to end the walk with a delicious Chai Latte. How good does that sound ?!


We are looking forward to this so much .... !!! No medals or rankings, but personal attention and intense enjoyment of the outdoors and the connection with each other. Register right away via the button and let the anticipation begin. <3



Thursday, May 13, 2021


to be determined


Free for members, € 3.50 per person for non-members