Yoga, dance & expression journey

You might recognize it.. Sometimes we living too much in our head and and we just go continue on our autopilot, and it results in losing all the contact with our body. And this while there is so much wisdom in our body. It often indicates through various signals whether things are good for us or not.


And when we have regained contact with our body, can we and dare to express this? By speaking out, making sounds, moving, making choices, taking action or standing still.


During this two-hour journey we will feel what our body has to say. We then express this through movement and sound. We connect with ourselves, and from here we can connect with the other.


What can you expect? Setting an intention, yoga, meditation, dancing, expression through the voice, chanting mantra, making conscious contact with the body and the breath. Come with an open attitude and let yourself be surprised.


Sunday, December 12th


10:00 - 12:00 uur


Annemijn van der Graaff


€ 35,-